The National Logistics Academy

Online Driver CPC course gets the green light from Jaupt

22 May 2020

During a recent Jaupt inspection of one of our new virtual Driver CPC courses, the inspector highlighted a number of strengths in the approach and delivery of the session.

In particular, the inspector confirmed our use of Microsoft Teams as an effective platform to deliver our programmes:

“The online delivery medium allowed the Trainer to be seen and heard by the Trainees and for the Trainees to be heard and seen when speaking.”

He also found that:

“Slide materials were seen to be set out for clear viewing and these materials were seen to be relevant to the subject matter delivered. Additionally, there is a comprehensive workbook included with the course and this was seen to be used to good effect.”


The inspector was also complementary about our tutors delivery and subject knowledge:

“The trainer demonstrated enthusiasm in the subject and in the use of the remote medium”

“The Trainer used 'open' and 'closed' questions directed at the group and he made use of 'targeted' questions at individuals to ensure that all the Trainees remained present and involved”

“He was able to bring in relevant experience from individuals to illustrate learning points for the topics which added positively to the learning experience.”

“The Trainer was able to speak with confidence and clarity. He demonstrated a positive, enthusiastic attitude towards Driver CPC and towards training via the remote medium.”


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