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100% pass rate for Traffic Office apprentice Ben

03 August 2020



Distinction pass for Ben

Ben Windrow from ADM Milling Ltd is a shining example of how an apprenticeship can lead to great progression opportunities. After completing a Customer Service apprenticeship with ADM Milling, where he was working in the transport office, progressing on to a Traffic Office Apprenticeship with Mantra Learning, gave him the step to develop a career within logistics. 

12 months on and Ben has successfully passed his Traffic Office Apprenticeship, achieving an amazing 100% in his written assessment and practical assessment, giving him an overall distinction pass. 


Martin Sidwell, Ben's Development Coordinator at Mantra Learning has thoroughly enjoyed working with Ben and ADM Milling throughout the apprenticeship programme and is now planning his progression on completing the level 3 Transport Leader programme. 

With over 30 years of experience in Transport Management, Martin see Ben having a lucrative career with the attitude and willingness to learn, he stated; 

"Ben has a lot of potentials to go far in the sector. He has learnt a lot already at a young age and is ambitious. He takes any opportunity to develop his skills. From leaving school and going on to a customer service apprenticeship, he has shown that with the right drive you can go far." 

Learning on the job 

We recently caught up with Ben and asked him how the apprenticeship has helped him, here is what he had to say; 

"As a result of achieving my Traffic Office apprenticeship, I am now able to plan more effectively and efficiently, such as understanding drivers hours and working time, being able to plan second loads for drivers and understanding, if they are able to do it or not due to their hours. I also feel more confident explaining to drivers on debriefs on what to look out for on manual handling equipment and how to be safe when using it." 

An apprenticeship focuses on developing an individuals skills, knowledge and behaviours; which has an impact on personal development too, Ben said; 

"I feel a lot more confident explaining to my friends and family how the logistics sector works and how transport is involved in everyday life. I would say I have learnt a lot more life skills, such as day to day people management and how to speak to people in the correct way outside of work. I think the Mantra masterclasses have also been a massive help in making me understand a lot more about equality and British values and this has helped me understand a lot more of what goes on outside work."

As a young person in logistics, Ben is a positive role model for young people to look up to and he wants to see more people leaving school looking to the sector for a career and went on to say; 

"Logistics is a massive industry and has many different types of sectors to be apart off. There are loads of opportunities to have a successful career. The support I have had from my company ADM Milling, as well as Mantra, has been fantastic and that’s a big reason I love working in logistics. The logistics industry gives many different types of job roles that can be suited to many people. The skills, knowledge and behaviours that can be learnt in the logistics sector can be vital to self-development and making sure your career is successful."

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to kick-start a career for any individual and bring many benefits to an employer, which includes: 

  • Growing your own talent pipeline
  • Retaining talent 
  • Improving productivity levels
  • Maintaining relevant skills 

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