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Employ an apprentice

Employ an apprentice

Helping you grow your own future talent

How do you ensure that your business has the workforce it needs to deliver future growth? Now is the time to take decisive action and invest in growing your own future talent. Not only will you ensure that your business has the workforce you need but it also gives you the opportunity to mould the next generation of employees into your company’s way of working and ensure they don’t pick up any bad habits along the way.

Every year hundreds of bright young people will be leaving schools and colleges in your area and many of them will be looking for the chance to do an apprenticeship with a company like yours. That’s another reason why we set up the National Logistics Academy. We can help you tap into this pool of talent and we will work with you to recruit and train some of these young people and turn them into valuable and productive members of your team. It’s a win, win arrangement all round. You protect the future of your business and the young people get a flying start into the world of work.

Government funding 

Apprenticeships attract government funding and there are extra incentives for training a 16-18 year old.

Talent spotting 

We have a team of people who go out to schools and colleges to recruit the best talent on behalf of our employers. We invite them to open days to experience our facilities and hear from current apprentices and employers about careers in logistics. We then select the best applicants to join the Logistics Academy.

Work preparation 

Very few young people are ready to step straight into a job in logistics. That’s why we put them through our Pathway to Apprenticeship programme before you even get to interview them. This programme takes 3 or more weeks and includes health and safety training, work preparation training, English, maths and IT, plus a vocational skills course appropriate to the pathway they have chosen.

Work experience 

As part of the Pathway to Apprenticeship programme the young person will undertake a period of unpaid work experience with you, their potential employer. This can last anything from 6 weeks to 5 months and will give you the chance to judge if that young person is right for your business. It also gives the young person the chance to try their hand at doing different jobs and to decide which route they would like to take for their apprenticeship. You don’t have to hire at the end of the placement but we do ask that you conduct an exit interview.

Employing an apprentice 

Employing an apprentice is just like recruiting for a regular job. The apprentice gets a contract of employment and is entitled to the same benefits and conditions as any other employee. The only difference is that the minimum wage for an apprentice is lower than for other workers. Currently this is £3.90 an hour. However many employers pay more than the minimum in order to get the best candidates.

Return on investment 

An apprenticeship is a 12-month or longer work-based learning programme that enables someone to become skilled at their job and gain nationally recognised qualifications. As their employer you will need to provide the time and support your apprentices will need in order to learn. Mostly this is on-the-job learning but for some apprenticeships it could involve some day-release training. The National Logistics Academy will support your apprentices every step of the way. Our training advisor will agree with you a learning plan and a set of quantifiable performance measures to be achieved. They will then work with the learners to achieve the desired outcomes and at the end of the programme produce the evidence to show that we have delivered a tangible return on investment.