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Who knows where a career in logistics might take you

For a young person who is keen to make their mark in the world, the logistics sector offers boundless opportunities. Whether you see yourself as managing a complex transportation network or simply delivering the goods at the sharp end, there is a role that’s perfect for you.

Check out the wide range of opportunities in this dynamic sector and see how you can kick start your career in logistics with an apprenticeship through the National Logistics Academy.

A fast-growing sector

The UK logistics sector is worth over £93bn to the economy. It employs one in twelve working people – that’s 2.2 million people spanning some 196,000 companies. And with the growth of online shopping, the sector looks set to continue expanding for the foreseeable future.

Logistics is all about the movement and storage of goods. Everything we consume has to be transported and in today’s world, we want things delivered faster than ever and with excellent customer service.

To meet these challenges the logistics sector is increasingly using digital technologies to plan and control the movement of goods. Over the next five years, the sector will require an extra 658,000 workers and they will all need to have good digital skills.

The National Logistics Academy is your starting point for a career in this dynamic sector. Our nationwide network of specialist training providers will support and train you in your apprenticeship with a good logistics employer where you will get paid as you learn the job.

If you’re looking for a challenging career in a dynamic sector then why not take a closer look at logistics. It offers a wide variety of different careers all with great prospects. Click here to view our current vacancies.



Pathway to apprenticeship

This Logistics Pathway to Apprenticeship programme take around 12 weeks and includes work preparation training, English, maths and IT, plus a vocational skills course. This is followed by 6 weeks or more work experience with a well known, local employer.


Great careers in a dynamic sector:

  • Transport management
  • Data systems specialist
  • Customer service and sales
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Logistics planning
  • Online retailing
  • Import / export
  • LGV mechanic
  • LGV driver

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